In our 2016 three-race summer series, Strava sponsored cash prizes for the top man, woman, men's team and women's team. 

We kept the rules pretty simple.   For you track geeks, it was more a track and field system than a cross-country scale:

  • Top eight individual runners in each race scored points, with eight to first, seven to second, down to one point for eighth. 
  • We used same system for team points, but we skipped unaffiliated runners.
  • A team just needed two scorers, over the three-race series

We liked this simple approach because our races are small and they sell out quickly. So we wanted to give people the most opportunity to participate. 

Competition became very tight as the series went on, more so than the results suggest. We think a fourth race could have changed the outcome, as teams like the Whippets and many individual runners came on strong in races two and three. 

Final prizes were $150 to each individual winner, $250 to each team. 


tim rossi (lost boys): 17pts
sean mahon (bellmore striders): 15pts
zach rivers (lost boys): 12pts
daniel marin (lstc): 10pts
jerry faulkner (lost boys): 8pts
jason lakritz (finish line pt): 7pts
jeremy mulvey (lost boys): 6pts
myles fennon (november project): 5pts


leighanne sharek (brooklyn navy): 18pts
victoria kornieva-robitaille (bellmore striders): 14pts
elizabeth laster (dashing whippets): 14pts
jennie cohen (dashing whippets): 8pts
meg ryan (unattached): 8pts
carly gill (brooklyn navy): 8pts
jessica snider-rodriguez (november project): 8pts
erin higgins (brooklyn navy): 5pts

men's teams: 

lost boys: 43pts
bellmore striders: 19pts
lstc: 13pts
november project: 10pts

women's teams: 

brooklyn navy track crew: 38pts
dashing whippets: 28pts
november project: 22pts
bellmore striders:** 15pts
**did not meet requirement of at least two different scorers across the series.