Hey everybody,

Thanks again for signing up for timing + checkpoint crew for TTB Chicago

Please read for a full outline of the night, with roles, gear needed, an internal map, the schedule and some gotchas.

Please bookmark this page. 

The short version is:

Meeting Place:  Race HQ (N. Magnolia Avenue @ Kayak Chicago)

Meeting Time: 6:30PM sharp, Friday October 6

Walk to start / finish: 7:10 PM. Start / Finish is on Cherry Ave Bridge

Forecast:  Looking overcast but dry, after a few days of rain. We will provide: small umbrellas, disposable ponchos, and plastic phone bags. Please bring any extra rain gear you can. Oh, and Nike is providing staff windbreakers too!

Other Personal Gear Needed: A charged smart phone. We'll provide everything else unless we talk to you 1:1. 


  • Adam Barcan (347.885.3630)

  • Cierra Johnson (646.853.0200)

  • Caitlin Harley (631.680.5311)

  • Scott Oliver (630.297.1649)

  • Dave Coligado (312.925.1851)

  • Matthew Champa (617.947.8480)

Roles (much more detail below):  

  • ADAM + DAVE | Tme the race via Webscorer

  • DAVE | Record the finish via GoPro video

  • CAITLIN | Hand popsicle sticks to finishers + mark runners at prime

  • MATT | Wrangle runners in the finish chute + mark runners at prime

  • CIERRA | Record all finishers + prime winners on clipboard; 

  • SCOTT | Retrieve popsicle sticks at finish after recorded by Cierra + take video of prime on smartphone.

Start Lists. Here is FINAL LIST. Any changes will be hand-written night of. 

This is a reference for Cierra, and also Dave and I will enter the list in Webscorer


Adam Barcan

Starter, Timing

Gear needed

  • Smart phone w/ Webscorer (pre enter the name list from start list)

  • Walkie-talkie

  • Strava phone bag

  • 4 x Cones

  • Extra chalk


Dave Coligado

Timing + GoPro

Gear needed

  • Smart phone w/ Webscorer (pre enter the name list from start list)

  • Strava phone bag

  • GoPro w/ tripod 

  • Air gun


Caitlin Harley

Prime (end of first lap): Mark runners

Finish: Hand out numbered popsicle sticks, #1 to first place, #2 to second place, and so on

Gear needed

  • 2x plastic boxes with numbered popsicle sticks (These have a label with black writing). There is one box per race. 

  • Fat black sharpie markers


Matthew Champa

Prime: Mark runners

Finish: Wrangle runners from Caitlin to Cierra / Scott

Be loud and noticeable. Make sure every runner stops at finish, gets a popsicle stick and walks slowly to Cierra / Scott

Gear needed

  • A loud voice!

  • Light sticks

  • Black sharpies


Cierra Johnson

Prime: record winners

Finish: record all finishers

Gear needed

  • Clipboard w/ start and score sheets

  • Pens

  • Walkie


Scott Oliver

Prime: film winner on your own smart phone

Finish: receive popsicle sticks, then mark bib number in red on the stick

Gear needed

  • 2x plastic boxes (Box has label with red writing)

  • Red markers

  • Clipboard w/ start and score sheets

  • Pens



6:00 PM

Adam + Luc

  • Draw start / finish prime / line.  We will write Take The Bridge so it is legible to photographer shooting start / finish



Dave, Caitlin, Matt, Scott, Cierra meet Adam at Checkin. Pick up gear including:

  • Staff jackets (Aww yeahhh!)

  • 4 x finish line cones

  • Air gun

  • Extra chalk

  • Clipboards w/ start + score lists

  • Pens

  • Red + black markers

  • Boxes with popsicle sticks

  • Rain gear (ponchos, umbrellas, Strava phone bags)


7:15 PM

  • Adam / Cierra. Spot check finish:

    • Ensure finish line is still looking good - eg, from any rain or foot traffic.  Again, we will write Take The Bridge so it is legible to a photographer. 

    • Set up cones to form a chute in four corners. Two should be on either side of finish, and two should be back by Scott and Cierra. This area should stay clear of fans.

  • Dry run for all timing crew

    • Practice positions for your roles at prime, finish

    • Practice communication

  • Dave: Set up Go Pro


7:50PM - 8:00 PM

  • Elise calls men to lineup. Checks headcount, and alerts captains of final count via radio, text chain 

  • Adam / Darcy give pre-race instructions at huddle

  • Adam calls course marshalls on radio

  • Adam / Dave start men's race


8:20 PM - 8:30 PM

  • Elise calls women to lineup. Checks headcount, and alerts captains of final count via radio, text chain 

  • Last man crosses

  • Adam / Darcy give pre-race instructions at huddle

  • Adam calls course marshalls on radio

  • Adam / Dave start women's race



    • Last woman crosses

    • Adam, Dave, Cierra, Scott head to afterparty to review results



    Adam, Dave

    • As each runner crosses the finish line, record their place and time in Webscorer

    • Watch for bandits or people just out for a run! We have waterproof bibs that are not falling off

    • Shout the place and remaining runner count as each runner passes

    • Keep your phones on airplane mode!


    Caitlin, Matt


    • Mark runners on arm with a single slash of marker as they cross prime. 
    • We will instruct runners to hold their arms our for you!
    • Mark prime winner with a double slash


    • As the runners pass the finish line, Matt slows them down and keeps them from wandering.  This is immediately just past the finish line. 

    • Matt has light sticks and is yelling loudly

    • Caitlin hands each runner a numbered popsicle stick with their place.

    • Matt ensures athletes stay in chute, keep walking forward and wait to hand popsicle stick to Cierra / Scott. They should NOT leave finish chute until Cierra / Scott have taken stick and verbally acknowledged runner.  

    • Matt keeps an eye on all athletes in chute - makes sure the line keeps moving and nobody wanders off.


    Cierra, Scott


    • Scott films the top few prime placers on a smartphone
    • Cierra notes the prime winners on clipboard


    • Scott takes the sticks, says the bib and place aloud, writes the bib number on the stick, and drops it in a plastic box

    • Cierra writes down bib and place and is the source of truth. She should not have to look up.

    • We should not have to hold runners in order once they receive a stick. We just NEED to make sure no runners disappear without handing over stick. It’s critical to protect the chute area and make sure no runners escape with a stick! Matthew's got this. 


    After race, timing crew meets at afterparty to certify results.

    Present at meeting:

    • Timers: Adam, Dave

    • Recorders: Cierra, Scott

    Certifying results

    1. Two timers review their results from Webscorer app. They each should have a complete list of finishing times and places (but not names). They ensure neither has missed a runner and the sanity check each other’s results, allowing for a margin of error due to hand timing.

    2. The two recorders do same. They compare lists and ensure they have the same bibs in the same order.

    3. Video person pulls up video of top 3 men and women. Later, send videos to info@takethebridge.us via wetransfer.com or Resilio Sync. 

    4. Once timers, recorder and video agree on results, lead timer updates results with names in phone.

    5. Lead timer posts preliminary results to webscorer.com

    6. Lead timer will further review video, printed results and any feedback from runners before marking results as final a few days later


    Certifying Prime

    Checkpoint crew captain and lead timer review prime results via:

    • Prime video

    • Prime clipboard, where winner is noted on start list


    After meeting, checkpoint video person texts prime videos to Adam (3478853630) or uploads to Dropbox and emails link to info@takethebridge.us




    Lineup + Head Count


    • Call in runners for lineup.

    • Line up in bib order AWAY from start line

    • Check hip numbers are visible for all runners

    • Have a head count in mind from Organizer app.  Note final head count and see who is missing.

    • Alert captain's text chain + radio group of final head count


    Athlete's Meeting


    • Note course conditions. She will have just done a course ride-through with bike marshalls.

    • Points out:

      • Course is open to public!

      • Note crossings where there is significant bike / car traffic:

        • North Point Bridge from start / prime

        • Elston + Magnolia

      • Run at your own risk.

      • Stay in running lane / sidewalk where possible


    Describe start.

    • As as soon as course is clear, we will call runners to line.

    • Start on on your mark, set, GO.


    CP 1 (Division St Bridge @ Elston)

    • No prize
    • Mandatory

    CP 2 (Prime Checkpoint).

    • Run through start / finish line

    • Get 2 slashes for lead, 1 slash for everybody else

    • Must finish race



    • Introduce finish chute staff by name.

    • Athletes will get a popsicle stick as they cross. This is immediately at the finish line, but they need to stay in order just until they get a stick.

    • Stay in chute, keep walking forward and hand popsicle stick to clipboard recorders.

    • DO NOT leave finish chute until clipboard recorder has taken popsicle stick and verbally acknowledged runner.



    • Adam leads runners to start area
    • Adam confirms staff is ready to go

      • Adam radios course marshalls

      • Confirm bike, course marshalls in position

      • Bike, course marshalls confirm course is clear,

    • Adam calls runners to the line and starts race with On your Mark, Set, Go.

    • Both timers start Webscorer.