Take your first bridge

So it’s your first Take The Bridge. And you’ve heard it hurts. Well rest assured, it hurts for everybody, even our top runners. So today, we sit down with a few TTB legends to learn a little more about their race strategy.

You may be just up for a shake out run before 26.2 this weekend. We applaud that - enjoy our run and save it for Sunday. But if you're here to race the bridge, heed their words. It will still hurt, but at least you’ll know what to expect!

Finally, remember that many of these quotes are about camaraderie and cold beer.  Because that is the vibe we as organizers strive for. So if nothing else, be motivated by two things that await you at the finish -- a big welcome from our #cheersquad, and an afterparty with the whole Take The Bridge community. 

See you on the bridge!


Pete Thompson,  @peetigga

Pete Thompson, @peetigga

Pure adrenaline and excitement pushes you forward at the beginning and up the hill but once you turn around, your legs and your mind catch up to each other. You want to push even harder than before but the bridge suddenly seems infinitely longer than you knew it to be.
— Jessica
Don’t be afraid to lay it all out on the course! It goes by quickly so push your limits and have no regrets.
— Jessica Snider-Rodriguez, November Project, 2 x Top 5 in TTB this year
Get out fast. Speed up before the turn around because it will force you to slow down to a certain extent. [But at] TTB Brooklyn I found the downhill at the end to be challenging — maybe because in my head I planned on that to be the easiest part of the race, but when you are sprinting a mile, even a downhill at the end is not easy.
— Emmi Aguilard, Dashing Whippers, 4th place in TTB debut at Brooklyn. Winner at Brooklyn Running Co's Brooklyn Mile, Open Division
I love the people, refreshing atmosphere, organization, and definitely the beer at the end!!
— Emmi
Janelle Hartman,  @janhart26

Janelle Hartman, @janhart26

Janelle Hartman,  @janhart26

Janelle Hartman, @janhart26

This race starts uphill and the adrenaline can get to you... People will go nuts (and go for the prime) but just be patient.
— Tim Rossi, Lostboys, 2016 TTB 3-race series champion. 2x Top 2, 5x Top 4 in a TTB
This is a race like no other. It’s a small, competitive, fast group. And you may hate someone during the race but as soon as you finish everyone becomes friends again and goes to grab a few beers.
— Tim
A lot of people can say they’ve ran over this city’s bridges, but few can say they’ve raced them.
— Daniel
The hardest moment of the race is being patient on the uphill. It’s difficult to stay in control and trust that you’ll have the legs to make your move on the way back down.
— Daniel Marin Media, 2x TTB winner (Manhattan 2016, Williamsburg 2016)
Pete Thompson,  @peetigga

Pete Thompson, @peetigga