2.4 BROOKLYN: men to watch

Take The Bridge Queensboro had our deepest, fastest men’s field to date. You needed a 5:20 pace - on that steep, brutal course - to crack the top eight. We think the TTB Brooklyn guys are even deeper. Yes. 6 of our top 10 return, plus three additions you’ll see profiled below. This race demands a different strategy from Queensboro -- the ramp is gentler, and the course just 1.2 miles. So we know sparks will fly out of the gate.

Let’s get to know the men’s contenders who will challenge the runners you’ve gotten to know in our past profiles, like Tim Rossi, Daniel Marin and Zach Rivers.


WHY WE ARE WATCHING HIM: Sean has proven speed and guts. He’s our top returner from TTB Queensboro, and he’s mile-race sharp. ‘Nuff said.

RUNNING BACKGROUND:  Sean ran track and XC at Calhoun High on Long Island, and at CW Post University. This year, he’s been killing it across a range of distances and surfaces. That includes a victory at last month’s Main Street Mile in Farmingdale (4:26), and a 4:29 on the track at NBR’s McCarren Park Track Classic in April. In the winter, he ran a 9-flat indoor 3000m and a half-marathon PR of 1:14.  

TTB EXPERIENCE:  Sean lit up TTB Queensboro with a gutsy runner-up performance. He won the prime and pushed winner Jerry Faulkner to the end. He called the race the hardest he’s done, but also the most fun.  Like his teammate Victoria, Sean snuck into TTB Queensboro under the radar (our fault). But he enters TTB Brooklyn as one of the favorites.  

CREW/CLUB: Bellmore Striders

MILE PR: 4:24 / 4:05 1500

5K PR: 15:45


WHY WE ARE WATCHING HIM: Mile chops, with two hot races in two months. Jason ran 4:26 at Brooklyn Running Company’s Brooklyn Mile in August, and followed with up a 4:23 at Fifth Ave Mile.  Don’t let the photo fool you -- Jason ALWAYS waits an hour after eating before he runs.  So you’re not gonna get him there.

RUNNING BACKGROUND: Ran for Florida State and Long Island University.  Has represented Urban Athletics since 2011.

TTB EXPERIENCE:  Making a debut!

CREW/CLUB: Urban Athletics and Finish Line PT

MILE PR: 3:57 (1500)

5K PR: 14:46 "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away"


WHY WE ARE WATCHING HIM: A former pro middle-distance runner, John can still show those young guns a thing or two. He took 5th place in his inaugural TTB this year, and will be right at home on this short, fast course.  Hey kids, this guy has a 1:47 800 PR. Show him no mercy because he’s not showing you any!

RUNNING BACKGROUND: A college star at St John’s and 1996 Olympic Trials semi-finalist at 800 meters, “Coach John” is a fixture on the NYC running scene. He has truly has made a career out of the sport we love, as a coach at NYRR, a speaker and educator, and co-head of November Project NYC. We know that if any celebrities (besides John) ran TTB, John would be the guy to pace them. If they could keep up.

TTB EXPERIENCE:  5th place in his TTB debut, TTB Manhattan 2016, behind November Project teammate Myles Fennon.  What made him join race it? "I wanted to try something non-traditional, he says. I love the race and the rogue nature of the event."

CREW/CLUB: November Project

MILE PR: 4:01*

5K PR: we’re not sure, but it’s fast

*  set during Tim Rossi’s childhood.


PHOTO BY   True Speed Photo


WHY WE ARE WATCHING HIM: Wil is a talented dude with several quick performances in his hometown Atlanta. He’s not only on the injury comeback but also new to NYC. We’re exciting to see what he’s got.

RUNNING BACKGROUND: A high school track and x-c runner, Wil was strong in the Atlanta road racing circuit from the 5-K to the half marathon.  He won the 2015 Georgia Publix Half-Marathon in 1:16:54.

TTB EXPERIENCE: TTB debut (and NYC racing debut)!  Will says he’s “heard amazing things about the TTB experience” and wanted to do a race that “feels totally unique to the New York running community”.  He hopes this will be his first of many times racing TTB. We hope so too!

CREW/CLUB: Run Brooklyn Apparel

MILE PR: 4:32 (yep, high school times count)

5K PR: 15:50ish