2.3 QUEENSBORO: men to watch

We'll just say it. Again. TTB Queensboro has our deepest, strongest field yet, for men and women. Our male returnees from TTB Manhattan include a two-time TTB winner (Daniel Marin) and three others from top five (Tim Rossi, Jeremy Mulvey, Myles Fennon). You know we're watching these guys, and you'd be wise to watch them too.  But you think it's easy to stay on top? Let's get to know who's dropping in to challenge for the glory (and the prizes):


WHY WE ARE WATCHING HIM: Need we say it? Jerry is one of the fastest guys in NYC.  He recently took first place in OSR's Men's 10K.  That aside, Queensboro is his local bridge and he's running to win.

RUNNING BACKGROUND: Jerry straddles the divide between sanctioned and unsanctioned running better than maybe anybody else in the city. He has won three of his 23 marathons, with a PR of 2:21:53 at Hartford Marathon last year. He also ran 67 at the Brooklyn Half in 2013. Jerry co-founded Lost Boys with Tim Rossi. He's proud of their little club tripling to nine members. Hint, if you want your running club to triple, start with three people.

TTB EXPERIENCE: Making a debut!

CREW/CLUB: Lost Boys. Okay he also runs for somebody called NYAC.  Never heard of'em.

MILE PR: 4:20

5K PR: 14:30 (on the track. you know, cause you could do that too without all that pesky asphalt).


WHY WE ARE WATCHING HIM: Steller PRs on a stellar team with awesome coaching. You know he's training well! Handles hills pretty darn well from his marathon PR. And what are bridges really, but hills covered in graffiti and bike messengers?

RUNNING BACKGROUND: Picked up running after college to help a friend train for a marathon. No hating on Boston (go Sox), but Jordan says moving to New York has been a boon for his running.  Jordan calls the NYC running community "second to none". With all the people to run with, he's "training better and racing way more". Jordan is most proud of his marathon PR (2:53) from last year in Morgantown, West Virginia. The course was pretty hilly (+1,400 ft. of elevation gain), so the race gave him confidence he could improve on more favorable terrain.

TTB EXPERIENCE: Making a debut! Jordan says it's cool to put a race together around bridges, "one of the few unique running challenges in NYC." We could not agree more!

CREW/CLUB: Dashing Whippets

MILE PR: 4:49 (5th Ave Mile 2015)

5K PR: 17:09

Photo by Ben Ko

Photo by Ben Ko


WHY WE ARE WATCHING HIM: Zach is a former D1 runner testing his current fitness. As they say on LetsRun.com, talent never goes away.

RUNNING BACKGROUND: Ran high school XC and track, and then ran for Syracuse (yeah that 'Cuse, NCAA XC fans). Holds the course record at the Princeton Half-Marathon (1:12, in 2015)

TTB EXPERIENCE: Making a debut!

CREW/CLUB: Lost Boys

MILE PR: 4:27

5k PR: 15:11