Last year’s Take The Bridge men set the bar very high in NYC.  Times dropped and competition grew tighter race after race, as some of the fastest guys in the city dueled repeatedly over the East River bridges.  But just as critically, these local elite runners were an inclusive, friendly bunch who were a barrel of fun at the afterparties.

We have no doubt the Take The Bridge Boston men will stage a race for the ages.  Our night includes 2 laps. An optional set of stairs. Several sub 4:10 milers. And forecast of light rain. We can’t wait to see how things shake out.  But you’ll see they’re an awesome bunch off the track too, a group who we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know a little before the race.  We have some familiar faces in the mix too, like Brooklyn Track Club’s Steve Finley. But let’s meet our top new contenders:

photo by Josh Cambell

photo by Josh Cambell


CREW/CLUB: The Heartbreakers

WHY WE ARE WATCHING HIM: Conor is a king at both selling shoes and running fast in them. We would run in anything this guys sells us, because his mile and 5K PRs are exceptional.  We’re sure that’s because of the shoes.

RUNNING BACKGROUND: Conor ran in middle school, high school, and college. Both his parents are runners, so he really had no choice.  He’s in awesome shape, coming off a solid 8:21 3000 at an indoor meet in Boston.

WHAT DREW HIM TO SIGN UP: Conor found TTB while surfing the internet at work. Ok, he works as an event host Heartbreak Hill Running Company and was doing some research. We’re just glad he was intrigued enough to sign up.

MILE PR: 4:08. Yowza!

5K PR: 14:46

WHEN HE’S NOT RUNNING: Conor spends his days working at HHRC and coaching his girlfriend Caitlin, who is also racing this weekend.  There’s no prize for fastest couple. But if there were….


CREW/CLUB: The Heartbreakers. But also ran for a UK club called the Woodford Green Essex Ladies. Jordan, if you have an extra Green Essex Ladies singlet, your race director wants one.

WHY WE ARE WATCHING HIM:  Did you see those times? 4:06 / 1:51 indoors in 2017 alone.

RUNNING BACKGROUND:   “I just like running fast.” The Heartbreakers teammates call Jordan one of their most vocal, outgoing members.  But we grilled him on his running background, and that’s all we got.  Guy lets his legs do the talking.  

WHAT DREW HIM TO SIGN UP: Jordan was enticed by the TTB instagram content (c’mon, ya blame him?).  He noted that the race structure looks like street car drag racing with running shoes.  You know, he’s kinda onto something.

MILE PR: That 4:06. Indoors. Yeah you got that.

5K PR: 14:51

WHEN HE’S NOT RUNNING: Jordan enjoys drinking mango smoothies and eating eggs while travelling the world.  Maybe we have those activities in the wrong order.

Photo by Eddie from C5K

Photo by Eddie from C5K

photo by STRAVA

photo by STRAVA


CREW/CLUB: Skechers Performance Team and Florida Track Club

WHY WE ARE WATCHING HIM:  Just try and find this guy’s weakness. From the 800 to trail ultras, David can bring it. Our money’s on David on those stairs.

RUNNING BACKGROUND:  David has spun a stellar running resume into “one hell of a ride”, as he puts it.  He ran for three (yeah) D1 track and XC programs: Colorado Buffs, Florida and Oklahoma State.  That’s gold to all you NCAA track fans.  He now races a mix that spans from 800s to ultras. And he coaches and works at summer run camps.

WHAT DREW HIM TO SIGN UP:  David is a TTB bandit come clean. The only reasons we invited him to sign up this time are his speedy resume and all-around charm.  And no that’s not a dare to all you speedy, charming types. No bandits, seriously.  But it is a good story.  Veteran TTB runner Tim Rossi urged David to sign up for TTB Queensboro last year. Which was full. So David ran it anyway. Yes he’s signed up for reals this time.

MILE PR: 4:05

5K PR: 14:17

WHEN HE’S NOT RUNNING: David’s willing to try anything outdoors and adventurous.. But he also likes the zoo.

photo by Josh Cambell

photo by Josh Cambell


CREW/CLUB: The Heartbreakers

WHY WE ARE WATCHING HIM: Matt’s quest to break 16:00 minutes in the 5k this year may produce a sick TTB time (and certainly a PR in the rarely-run “kinda 2.5 mile ” distance.)  He hit his impressive marathon PR of 2:43:50 at Boston a few years back. Will Marathon Weekend work its magic on Matt again?

RUNNING BACKGROUND: Matt is a semi-reformed soccer player who saw the light and began running in college. He signed up for a run club at Penn, which triggered a running addiction whose symptoms included marathon training. He joined the Nike Pacers and Heartbreakers upon moving to Boston in 2014. Guy is a beast who ran 2:44 at Berlin Marathon, in pursuit of 6 marathon majors.

WHAT DREW HIM TO SIGN UP:  Matt is a fan of urban running, night races and run crews. Sounds like our kinda guy.

WHEN HE’S NOT RUNNING: Matt works at Nike Boston and a biotech company in Cambridge. He enjoys soccer, Red Sox games, and traveling.

MARATHON PR: 2:43:50 (Boston 2014)

5K PR: 16:19