How to use Webscorer @ Take The Bridge

Pro Tips for Race Night

  • ⚠️Try to use a tablet - it’s much easier to tap names!

  • ⚠️But put your phone in Airplane Mode before the race if that’s your timer!

  • ⚠️Bring an extra power pack

Getting Webscorer

  • Download the Webscorer app for IOS or Android (it’s free)

Entering Start List

  1. From Home, choose Time a simple race

  2. Choose Name list from screen footer

  3. Choose Edit from page footer. Add names as First Last. When done, click Race Setup to return to race start screen


  1. Edit Race name to: [TTB Location yyyy - Gender],

    • eg TTB Austin 2019 - Women

  2. Select Mass start options as:

    • Names-only race

    • Enter racer data at finish

  3. Click Start race

  4. Tap green button as each runner crosses the line

  5. Click Race control at page footer to end race. Then click Finish race

  6. Respond to alert popup - click Finish. Congrats! The timing part of race is over.

  7. Click < Home in upper left corner to get back to home screen

Reconciling results

At the end of the race, the timers and recorders meet to reconcile results. The recorders have clipboards that show runners by name and bib number, in finishing order, but do not have times.

Once we have the clipboards, the next step is to update results in Webscorer.

Updating results in Webscorer

A complete race is automatically recorded in the app’s Race archive.

To see results:

  • choose Race archive from home page

  • choose My results

  • pick your race

  • Choose View / edit results

To edit an individual runner’s results:

  • Choose the first Unknown Racer result

  • You’ll be taken to the Edit Racer Data page

  • Select Name from dropdown

Keep going down the list of Unknown racers, in order, to fill in names against the clipboard.

Fixing Mistakes

Help! I need to add a runner to results.

  • Usually, this happens if one timer misses a result that the other caught. You can click Add racer from the Results page above.

  • The dialog will let you fill in a Name and Time; the app will put result in correct finishing order

I need to delete a result

  • This usually happens if a timer double-taps, or if there is a bandit.

  • Click Delete racer from the bottom of Edit Racer Data screen

  • You will get an alert window to confirm the delete

Posting Results (night of)

Once we have matched a name to every Unknown Racer, we’re ready to post results. To post, you need to be logged into the Take The Bridge Webscorer account. Chances are, this job is done by the Lead Timer. If you’re the backup timer, just send screenshots of your results to the Lead Timer.

But if you have to post:

  • Tap Post results from Results Info page

  • You’ll be taken through a dialog to choose the sport: Running

  • Choose Post to (private)

  • This all assumes you are logged into TTB’s Webscorer account. You can’t post without this.

Cleaning up Results (day after)

You would need to log into TTB’s Webscorer account in a browser for these steps - not the app. Again this is only a job for Lead Timer. You can refer to a recent past race as a model.

For next day, do following:

  • Ensure Race Title follows TTB Location yyyy - Gender

  • Mark race as Public and Preliminary

  • Put race location on map

  • Add race distance

  • Show pace in time / mile or km depending on race location

  • Add race notes w/ prime winner, weather etc