2.5 NYC vs THE WORLD: local men to watch

The unsanctioned elite. NYC area runners elevated Take The Bridge into one of the fastest games in town this year.

For the men, legends Daniel Marin and Tim Rossi ruled the day in Williamsburg and Manhattan. But as we’ve said, each TTB race brings new talent and new stories. Favorite Jerry Faulkner (Tim’s Lostboy teammate) held off newcomer Sean Mahon of Bellmore Striders at Queensboro.  But Sean would have a powerful win at Brooklyn, pushed by Jason Lakritz of Finish Line PT.  Zach Rivers (yet another Lostboy) and Tim took third and fourth, respectively, in both races.

The NYC vs The World men’s local field features five runners who placed top three at a TTB this season — Daniel, Tim, Jason, Zach and Jeremy Mulvey (take a guess who he runs for).  

Let's get to know their speedy competitors!

— Adam

Photo by Da Ping Luo @ the Brooklyn Mile

Photo by Da Ping Luo @ the Brooklyn Mile


WHY WE ARE WATCHING HIM: Andre is a fixture at OSR runs who knows unsanctioned running! He was a national caliber runner in high school, and ran D1 for a little school called Georgetown. So yeah, he runs 10-15 miles a week now.  A 16:55 at 2016 Red Hook Crit shows he hasn’t exactly hung up the boots.

RUNNING BACKGROUND:  Andre ran track and XC at Danbury High in Connecticut, at St. Joseph’s University, and at Georgetown.   

CREW/CLUB: Brooklyn Running Company

TTB EXPERIENCE:  Making a debut!

MILE PR: 4:06

5K PR: 14:12

WHEN HE’S NOT RUNNING: Run coach and tech project manager


WHY WE ARE WATCHING HIM:  Finley was the tall guy you saw battling for the prime at Red Hook Crit 2016. He's still tall. And he still likes going for primes. Hint, hint, hint. 

RUNNING BACKGROUND:  Coach Finley was Pac-10 steeplechase champ for the Oregon Ducks in 2011.  Take a deep breath and read that again.

Pro tip: If it rains , and you fall into a puddle, just stay low. Finley will hurdle right over you.**

TTB EXPERIENCE:  Afterparty-finder-in chief. First time racing.

CREW/CLUB: Brooklyn Navy Track Crew

MILE PR: Won’t say. We dredged up a 4:06. Finley if your PR is faster we’ll fix it.

5K PR: Do you really want to know? Get a few beers in him.

WHEN HE’S NOT RUNNING: NRC coach and very charming beer sales rep

**The forecast Friday looks nice and clear!

Photo credit: Ben Ko, @benkophoto

Photo credit: Ben Ko, @benkophoto

Photo credit: Ironman World Championship Triathlon

Photo credit: Ironman World Championship Triathlon


WHY WE ARE WATCHING HIM: A former pro triathlete.  Like for reals.

RUNNING BACKGROUND: Garen has an impressive and moving story. The loss of his mother to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) prompted him to sign up for the 2010 Ironman Cozumel as a means of raising money to fund ALS research, Three years later, he was a world-class triathlete who made it to Kona, and won triathlons at all major distances. He has also personally raised about $75K toward ALS research.

TTB EXPERIENCE: First one and quite excited. Most of all, Garen looks forward to beating the J train across the Williamsburg Bridge.

CREW/CLUB: Finish Line PT

MILE PR: 4:32

5K PR: 16:05. Garen says the 5K is “not his thing”. You try a 16:05, kids.

WHEN HE’S NOT RUNNING: Garen runs a design and PR consulting firm.


WHY WE ARE WATCHING HIM: Steve is a super well-rounded runner. His speedy middle distance PRs are no joke. A recent 1:13 at Brooklyn Half shows his strength. And he set a course record in winning the challenging 2015 Paine to Pain Trail Half in Westchester. We’re excited to see what he’s got in his first Take The Bridge — aka, an urban trail race.

RUNNING BACKGROUND: A lifelong competitive runner, Steve ran high school track and x-c in Connecticut and collegiately at NYU. Getting back into racing after an injury layoff (your race director can relate).

TTB EXPERIENCE: Making a debut. Steve’s enjoyed the atmosphere as a TTB spectator. In his words, “Everyone seems pumped up about running and racing, and the night-running style of the races heightens the excitement.”

CREW/CLUB: Run Brooklyn Apparel

WHEN HE’S NOT RUNNING: Marketing and events manager at Brooklyn Running Company

MILE PR: 4:19

5K PR: 15:47

Photo credit: Melissa Holtz, @melisinestudio

Photo credit: Melissa Holtz, @melisinestudio