2.5 NYC vs THE WORLD: local women to watch

Anybody who witnessed our Take The Bridge women’s races this year saw some of the most competitive racing in the city.  

Leigh Anne Sharek and Jennie Cohen dominated the early season.  Jennie won our first TTB Williamsburg in March, as well as TTB Manhattan, before ending her season with an injury. And Leigh Anne was our three-race series champion. 

But the best thing about TTB is that you never know who will show up. Notre Dame track alumna Meg Ryan won Queensboro over a tight trio, including Jennie’s Whippets teammate Elizabeth Laseter, Victoria Kornieva of Bellmore Striders and Leigh Anne. At TTB Brooklyn Victoria lead the field, with Elizabeth, Leigh Anne, and newcomer Emmi Aguillard of Dashing Whippets following shortly after..

The NYC vs The World local women’s field welcomes five runners who placed top five at a TTB this year — Leigh Anne, BNTC teammate Lena Placzek, Emmi, Jessica Snider-Rodriguez of November Project, and Kate Reese of Brooklyn Running Company.

Let’s get to know the women who will challenge them.

— Adam


WHY WE ARE WATCHING HER: Carly has track speed and talent, having grown up a competitive runner. She has not raced frequently of late. But when she does, it sure counts.  She just blitzed an 18:27 at the Bronx 5K.

RUNNING BACKGROUND:  Carly was an all-state runner in high school in Syracuse, NY. She ran track and cross-country for Ithaca College, and coached there while attending grad school in physical therapy.  She’s continued to race in distances from the mile to the half marathon.

CREW/CLUB: Finish Line PT

TTB EXPERIENCE:  Making a debut!

MILE PR: 5:14

5K PR: 18:20


Photo by NYRR

Photo by NYRR

Photo by Zach Hetrick | @zhetrick

Photo by Zach Hetrick | @zhetrick


WHY WE ARE WATCHING HER:  Mile chops and sprint speed. We can’t wait to see Faith’s kick down the stretch.  

RUNNING BACKGROUND: A college sprinter, Faith shares our love for short races. As she puts it, “much of the run community focuses on longer races, so it's always nice to get some speed work in.”  But she’s also getting ramped up impressively at longer distances. She recently cut 8 minutes from her half-marathon PR in Toronto, and was third female at the super competitive Harlem One Miler in June.

TTB EXPERIENCE:  This is her first time racing TTB! Faith says she loves the vibes of unsanctioned night races.  We’ve seen her race SBRC’s Superfund Superun and cheer at OSR races.  

CREW/CLUB: Black Roses

MILE PR: 5:30

5K PR: 21:04

WHEN SHE’S NOT RUNNING: Documentary filmmaker


WHY WE ARE WATCHING HER: Okay, so Kate is not a TTB newcomer. As we said, she took a strong 5th in her TTB debut at Brooklyn last month.  But that race was one of her first in years, following a strong 18:20 over a hilly three-miler a month earlier that cemented a long comeback from injury. We’re excited to see what she has this time!

RUNNING BACKGROUND:  Kate ran college track and cross country at Haverford; she returned as a coach there.

TTB EXPERIENCE:  2nd race, 1st time on home turf of Willy B.

CREW/CLUB: Run Brooklyn Apparel

MILE PR: 5:12

5K PR: 17:45

WHEN SHE’S NOT RUNNING: Store manager at Brooklyn Running Co

Photo by Melissa Holtz |   @melisinestudio

Photo by Melissa Holtz | @melisinestudio